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Amaro Araujo is a Portuguese citizen living in Netherlands since 2007. He’s a 6 languages speaker and international sales executive. Extensive working experience in international and multicultural environments. passionate about life, entrepreneur, curious, dreamer, public speaker and writer he’s a regular publisher in Linkedin, Quora contributor besides participation in other blogs or platforms.



Married to a French/Portuguese national. They’ve meet in high school and are together ever-since, partners in the journey of life. Moved to Netherlands with their 2 kids back in 2007 to embrace a challenge/change in their personal and professional lives.


Diploma in Accounting kept a constant focus in learning different areas to close gaps, improve skills or learn new domains. 


Love Sports. On the gym, Jogging outside through the Dutch green parks and waterside, or cycling (yes Netherlands is the right place). Playing outdoor football with friends and colleagues. Reading and writing are passions, altogether with watching a good movie or TV series. Cooking for the family and friends is priceless.

Work Experience

Started as an accountant in the export business. Moved to commercial roles due to the passion for languages and people. Had his own export office before heading to NL as customer center Team Lead, moved on to a strategic commercial role in one of the Oil giants. After a few years decided to leave the comfort of a stable position as the challenge and passion have been diluted. Moved on to another international sales role/company where I find back the joy and the add value I could bring, by being responsible for certain markets.


I’m a believer and driven by faith. Thou I couldn’t put a name in “my” God. I am that I am.

You can name it as you want, some might call it Nature, Universe, Energy, Buddha, Allah, Jesus. I’m not into labeling. I’m driven by respect towards others, love, gratitude and a sense that we all have a role to play  in life.  


I’m a regular contributor in Linkedin, Quora, TEDx events and some blogs as guest blogger


Amnesty International, Parental School Association, supporting ONG’s in different areas, blood donor.

Some areas of expertise

  • Life with ups, downs, deep downs, business failure, re-born and re-finding joy, faith and belief, success.
  • Sales (International sales, Key Account Management, Sales Executive, sales tactics, Value propositions, new business development)
  • Business (entrepreneur, oil and chemicals, marketing, process improvement, business development)
  • Mentoring (Sales, motivation, efficiency, customer service, interview process, influencing strategies, building relations)
  • Public speaking, writing.



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