Customer visit report example – B2B

One of the tasks of a Sales Manager (Account manager, Sales Executive, Sales rep, Country manager etc) is to capture, share and follow eventual actions out of a customer visit/meeting.

This is done normally by means of a visit report (or MOD-Memorandum of discussion, each company will have its own terminology or systems).

Formats and fields will vary from entity to entity. I tried to put in a simple a plain document the basics of a trivial customer visit. Again, it can be more or less extended, with more or less info. What you need to ask yourself is:

  • Who will read this document (only archived Or shared with other stakeholders?)
  • What kind of background do they have (the readers or eventual action owners) of the customer and business specifics?
  • Keep it simple and to the point. This is a visit report, not a customer database.
  • Keep it clear, all actions and follow-ups must be properly identified (accountability/responsibility) with timeline.

In attach I provide a very simple draft/example.

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