How does your path looks like?

You pave the road ahead, but what tools do you use to build it up? Check below attitudes and behaviours to create awareness and eventually align your cursor.

One simple process to cross check where you stand. Only by being aware of where we stand we might adjust or align our cursor in needed in order to reach our destination

Am I certainty driven or surprise driven?

Do I need to anticipate, prepare, control and supervise, or do I rather act on the moment, wait for the surprise, dare to risk and challenge?

Power driver or driven by others or events?

Do I lead or do I follow? Do I stand out and raise my voice or do I listen and do? Do I propose and debate or do I ask and seek advice?

Reactive or proactive?

Do I act after the events on a fire-fight mode or do I plan and decide in advance the way to go? Do I wait for things to happen to be involved, or do I plan, prepare and ignite things to happen?

What stops me from achieving my targets?

Time? Creativity? Money? Resources? Beliefs? support? Proper plan? Circumstances?

How does my map looks like?

Am I a soldier or a fireman? Both love the same world, “love and protect” but going through completely different paths. Where am I? where am I heading? What’s my surroundings?

Is my general attitude the right one?

Judgmental, resistance, doubtful? Or understanding, supportive and positive?

Am I providing value? giving and sharing

Is there a real benefit for the outside world for who I am and what I do or it’s my current path ego driven?

How do I receive uncertainty and challenges?

Challenge is what make us evolve, not certainty.

Certainties are the things we already know, challenges are the ones that make us learn and grow.

Are you cold and a reserved person or warm and emotional?

How much emotion do I put in my behavior and attitude? How much emotion do I pass to my entourage?

Emotion isn’t about people to feel sorry or support me but being honest, genuine, open, assertive clear and constructive in general. Showing real interest in people and not in their titles, positions or relations.

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