I had enough of this life – take 1

I don’t know how did I get here, but it gets to a point that I really need a change. A reset, a new start, to spread the wings and fly away.

I’m stuck with a boring and routine life. Every day, week or month is just a repetition of the previous ones. I fell I have much more to live, give, reach and accomplish than just worrying on paying bills or build a pension. Feels like everyone else has a better life, a better job, a better family and by default they seem to me and to the eyes of society so happy.

I’m on my late 40’s and seems my only goal is to wait for pension (where again I’ll have another boring and routine life with double anxiety: having enough money to live…or survive).  Thou pension will come only in 20 years time at best. Imagine living a boring life for 20 years until pension, and than just repeating the cycle but probably with less income. what’s the point?

So why don’t you change? Why don’t you shift your focus, behaviors, attitudes and emotions? what’s holding you back from living a life with passions, purpose and meaning? hooo I know. Those dam alibis. All the conspiracy of the world against you; holding you back (things you’ve created, chosen or simply allowed to establish as part of your life). Because you were distracted, because you didn’t care or because it didn’t require you to take a position or to think about it. Letting life drive you, taking your paths and decisions.

So we get on a complaining mode where everyone and everything’s to blame for our misery, (but not us, no way, not us. We’ve been working so hard, how could we?).  But than, who is responsible? Who is responsible to bring you where you are today? how did you get here? You probably meet different people, bosses, colleagues, in different places or locations. Are “they” to blame? Life itself? who’s life are we talking about? theirs? or yours?

Who to blame? the government? banks? economical crisis? your husband/wife? parents? boss? employer? all kind of circumstances? destiny? society?

Blaming others is a mechanism to shake our own responsibility. An imaginary way to protect ourselves or create an alibi to failure at the “eyes of society”. That said, of course you might well have been under all kind of downturns and disappointments, people turning their backs when you need them. your beliefs and efforts flushed away and so on. Still, let’s remember that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% on  how you react and behave under those events.

I’ve been down that road, I know the turns and shortcuts we take (or those we avoid and should have taken) to put our heads in the sand and pretend we did everything we could. The worse is, you might work as hard as you but remember, motion is quite different than action. The most important is to stop fooling yourself, telling it will be alright or the good times will come back sooner or later. One thing is positive thinking and its powers (when properly backed by other changes on attitudes and and habits) another thing is to expect the world around you will miraculous change, your life will miraculous change. Your life is you, it’s your mirror. If you don’t change, your life won’t either.

Where we are today is a result of what we’ve been building since our early days. It’s the result of our habits (good and/or bad), discipline, commitment, belief, faith, dream and inspired action. We build our life. The good news is, if you’re not happy with it you can change it, it’s in your hands. There’s no right time, right age or right circumstances.

“If you want to be, do”. Period.

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