I had enough of this life – take 2

When you’re on   the down-cycle of your life, it’s like a roller coaster, seems  everything falls in your head and shoulders. And bad things attract bad things. It’s not enough that TV stops working, soon it’s the fridge and than the washing machine and so on. It’s like a snowball effect.

I was watching my life passing by and very busy to do otherwise. Reacting to events (too late most of times), firefighting. Going from left to right, just to fooling myself thinking  “I’m doing everything I can to keep my head above the water”. I could see or imagine opportunities in false hopes. Just to think and tell my closest ones everything would get better soon.

Stop fooling yourself.  Stop waiting for the train that never shows up. There’s no miracle to pull you out of the storm. Or maybe there is, but it doesn’t come the way you expect. The miracle is you, within you.

Take your life, your thoughts, your attitude and behaviors in your hands. change from assorted motion to inspired and planned action. Your habits, decisions (or non decisions in some critical moments) just letting things happen- that’s’ what brought you where you are today. “Things” don’t change, people change.

You created your path, you did the pavement. Not your boss, the society, the government, wife, family or circle. Its rather how much importance you give them, how much you let them influence or imprison you, how much did you let it influence your decisions on such a level you couldn’t avoid the wall-crash. You’re the ultimate decision taker, it’s your life. The decisions your taking today will pave the road ahead. Decisions and actions. Today. Not one day, not tomorrow, but today.

In nowadays there are lots of ideas, motivations and inspiring opportunities. Lots of self help books and articles. Posts as this one. But remember, reading a book and putting it on the shelve won’t change your life. It’s about taking action, change habits, small steps, commit to goals, track progress, aiming to becoming a better version of yourself every day. You’re life won’t change overnight, but you’ll build stronger and steady foundations to get up on your feet.

Try the change. what do you have to lose anyway? It didn’t work? find what did you miss, what can you make different. Ask questions. to yourself, to others. Keep moving. Create, read, write, dream, believe.

Road blocks and pitfall are supposed to be there, but not to stop you and put you down but to force you to think, to look from different angles. To step back and see the bigger picture. To push you you out of your comfort zone. To evolve. If you don’t, your life will remain where it is, with no change.

If you want something different in your life, something you lose or never had, than you need to do something different or that you’ve never done as well.

Remember, things don’t always look like as they seem, they look like as we are or as we look at them.

Imagine your life as a book. Are you the main actor, the main character? do you drive the story? Or are you just seating between the crowd watch your life passing by, being driven by others, events or circumstances?

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