In this tab you’ll find training, documents, processes or any other kind of support material for your personal or professional development.  Documents I gathered, created or summarized out of my own experience or growth.

You won’t find here magic sticks or “quick fix” solutions. As in any other area of life, only consistent practice will take you to the next level, so don’t expect to read or attend any training (mine or anyone else) and excel in that domain. Apply the learning, try out the formulas or processes, put effort on it. Don’t blame any training that it didn’t work. If it didn’t, you didn’t put enough effort to practice it.


  • Problem solving and decision making process:
    • This is the compilation of a 2 day training. I tried to keep it to the point and concise. Pick your own example or problem and try out the steps/process.


  • Account Plans (sales B2b):
    • There are several formats, lengths and designs of Sales Account plans, most of them far too heavy, complex and useless.
      • An account plan isn’t a corporate memory document but a defined approach of protecting and/or grow a customer.
      • On a nutchell define where you stand, your vision, your strategy and timeline. Who, why, what, when, how.



This page will be updated regularly with new material

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