Sales manager terminology and acronyms

Jargon and clutter invaded our lives.

In all areas of life, from sports to recreation, journalism to war, there’s a growing use of jargon and clutter. Most of the times to refer to same as existent plain English, but sounds more pompous or important.

The biz world is probably where this new “way of speaking” became almost part of its own culture.

Someone starting in the sales or biz world would have difficulties to understand most of the acronyms and/or shortcuts used. and because no one wants to show weakness, sometimes they go along without knowing nor asking what a certain short-word means.

Even if you’re already in the corporate world, just moving from company to company will challenge you in that area and for sure you’ll learn new terms.

To make it easier I tried to summarize at least some of the most common short-words, acronyms or clutter used in the sales area. This doesn’t intend to be an exhaustive list and surely it’s a live document that might get updated once in a while, thou believe it will cover the most basic and common ones.

Enjoy and please do share any others (not so common) that you are aware of.

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